The Cheat Sheet Series

Welcome to a space dedicated to 'working better'. Our Cheat Sheet Series is the place for everything you want to know at a moment's notice: full of PDFs available to store or print, making your LMS life easier and more effective.

Content Tools & Resources for your eLearning Portal

Picking a great enterprise LMS such as TalentLMS is just half the game ― you also need to fill it with the appropriate learning content. There is an abundance of tools out there to help you create incredible content, ranging from easy to intricate, from free to not-quite-free. Here are our picks.

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CSS Hacks: Supercharge Your Portal

The default customization options in TalentLMS can get you pretty close to representing your brand well. However, there is a world of customization out there, and the key is CSS. Now, it may sound daunting but we're here to help. Here are the basics and the not-so-basics of using cascading style sheets (CSS) to alter your TalentLMS portal.

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The 20 eLearning Acronyms You Need

In the tech world, it seems that you hear more acronyms than real words found in the dictionary. This is very much the case in the eLearning realm as well with everyone throwing words like like SCORM and SAM around. Okay, we admit, we use these in our blog as well but here's how to cut through the clutter.

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