What is pre-employment training

Pre-employment training programs help businesses to discover and recruit trained staff that have already been taught the essentials of their new job position, and have demonstrated their commitment and skills previously.


Why it is Important

Pre-employment training is important for both businesses (especially in industries with high churn rates or increased and unpredictable hiring demands) and for job seeking individuals that might be lacking in specific skills for the roles that they are looking to be hired for.

Benefits of doing it

Pre-employment training is a more organized way to siphon in new employees to cater to a company's needs. It helps companies to discover and prepare potential employees with just the right set of skills and knowledge that they need to begin working productively.

Firstly, the training program is designed around the core competencies required by a company (or industry, in the case of training programs run by third parties) and as such, attracts people specifically looking for these jobs.

Requiring potential hires to complete the program successfully helps weed out candidates that lack the desired determination, did not exhibit enough commitment in their training or have been proven problematic in other ways (e.g. decreased capacity for team work, etc.).

As the program can be designed specifically around concrete business needs and workflows (opposed to being a generic learning course), employers can monitor and assess the behavior, skills and success of the candidates at every stage of the process and on specific issues and steps that matter to the company.

By the end of this process, company recruiters have the information that they need to classify potential hires based on their aptitude and training performance, sorting out those that don't meet their expectations.

This not only saves your HR team time from interviewing and considering sub-par candidates, but also allows them to spend more time with the qualified candidates.

How it can be applied to your company

While there are no hard and fast rules for creating a pre-employment training program, the typical procedure would involve a period of analysis whereby company executives and HR teams try to determine what positions are needed by the company (and in what numbers) and what kinds of skills and workflows are needed for each job. The next step would be to determine some selection criteria for successful candidates to make it to the next stage (either hiring or further interview with HR, etc.).

Most pre-employment programs focus on positions for which potential hires can be prepared in a short-term training period (e.g. a couple of weeks), and finish with testing whose purpose is to determine the progress, suitability (and desirability) of the candidate.

Pre-employment training:

  • Helps assess, rank and weed out potential new hires
  • Allows businesses in industries with high churn rates to tap the large pools of people looking for work
  • Helps businesses respond to increased seasonal or contractual-based hiring demands
  • Gives unskilled applicants the skills and knowledge to apply for specific positions
  • Promotes social inclusion, by giving people the opportunity to train and get evaluated for new jobs


As was already mentioned, there are two major ways that companies can take advantage of pre-employment training.

The first option would be to collaborate with a third-party eLearning provider that specializes in pre-employment training, work with them to establish your particular needs and training curriculum and have them serve as the entry point for potential hires. Under this scenario, the training provider could serve you exclusively (under some specific agreement), or could also run its program targeting the wider industry/sector that you operate in.

The second option would be to directly handle pre-employment training as a company-run program, using some eLearning management platform such us TalentLMS. This latter option gives you the ultimate control over the contents, extent and quality of the pre-employment training program, and let's you incorporate real-life workflows from your company, and generally allows your HR team to directly and closely monitor the performance of potential hires.

How TalentLMS can help

  • Enterprises can combine elective lifelong learning courses for career development with ad-hoc training focused on particular training needs.
  • Companies that sell commercial training courses can start their own lifelong learning offerings too, either selling the courses themselves in their own TalentLMS-based eLearning portals, or selling them through the platform's integrated content marketplace.
  • Training providers can foster a long-term relationship with their users, offering special course bundles and deals to loyal learners, and even take advantage of the integrated eCommerce engine to provide subscription options.
  • TalentLMS is always available, so self-motivated learners, especially mature users that want to learn new skills while working a full-time job can learn at their own pace
  • With TalentLMS, and its native mobile client applications, lifelong training courses can be combined with micro-learning, giving learners the freedom to study whenever they have a little spare time and from wherever they want, even offline and on the go
  • TalentLMS can accommodate any number of users, and only asks you to pay for your active learners, thus allowing enterprises and eLearning providers to keep accounts open even while users are between courses and might take months or years to become active again
  • A TalentLMS-based lifelong learning program is much less costly than classroom based training, both for the learners and the learning provider, as it incurs no costs for renting physical space, travel expenses, or equipment costs.

Some features that will help you facilitate Pre-Employment Training

  • TalentLMS' powerful and intuitive content creation tools make it extremely easy to create your pre-employment training material
  • TalentLMS' quizzes and tests help you access potential candidates and rank them according to their performance
  • TalentLMS Reports give you complete insight of the progress of the learners over time
  • TalentLMS Surveys let you gather valuable feedback from potential candidates, allowing you to fine-tune your pre-employment program
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature lets you create separate but centrally managed pre-employment training programs for each facility, department or branch of your company
  • TalentLMS Certificates are a handy way to give accreditation to learners upon the completion of their pre-employment training
  • TalentLMS eCommerce options, including its Subscription options, help training providers create, manage, sell and promote their pre-employment training programs
  • As a full blown LMS platform, TalentLMS remains useful at every stage of your employees career, moving from pre-employment training to on-boarding, and on to corporate training and lifelong learning use cases.

Αs a Cloud-based platform, TalentLMS frees you from worrying about installations, maintenance, or backups, letting you focus on how to best run your pre-employment and corporate training programs.

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