What is partner training

Sales channels, partners and subcontractors training means more help for your company so that you can take your products and services to market more quickly and efficiently. Training these individuals regularly and thoroughly means you can retain the quality and continuity that your business needs.


Why it is Important

Training your partners, sales channels, and subcontractors is important in order to get the exact service you want, tuned to your particular business needs and specifications.

This ensures consistent results across your partner network, reduces communicative overhead, and ensures that your final customers (e.g. those shopping or getting support from your distribution and support channels) enjoy the same positive experience and treatment across the board.

In the case of subcontractors, a training program also helps avoid misunderstandings and costly mistakes that are often revealed upon delivery of a subcontracted service or product.

Benefits of doing it

An efficient and well-trained enterprise partner and subcontract network helps companies to minimize their costs, expand their reach, and increase their production or capacity at minimal cost and risk by offloading parts of their operation to any number of third party, specialized and replaceable partners.

Training also helps companies enforce a consistent customer service approach across their distribution and support network, which builds customer loyalty and repeat business.

eLearning-based training allows enterprises to create a training program that covers the whole span of third party businesses, subcontractors, channels and partners that they work with, in a centrally-managed way, and with minimal operational and administrative overhead (or, in the case of TalentLMS, zero administrative overhead).

eLearning is cheaper than traditional in-person training, because it doesn't incur costs for things such as renting or travel expenses, and can be used to train partners across the globe and 24/7 with just the basic per-learner fee.

eLearning also gives more detailed insight and faster results than traditional in-person training, and the automated tests, integrated learning progress assessment and comprehensive reports offered by the TalentLMS eLearning platform, will help you stay ahead of your training program, access your learners' progress, and identify areas that might need improvement.

How can it be applied to your company

To begin creating a training program for your various business channels, network partners and subcontractors, you'll need to make a comprehensive list of them all, analyze the goals, products and/ or services, and approaches associated with each of them, their employees prior skills or knowledge level (or lack thereof) , and so on.

This analysis should be used to create a general blueprint for your training curriculum. It will be important to know when to unify, and when to diversify your courses among the various recipients. For example, multiple subcontractors handling the same service (e.g. providing you with a specific product part) can share the same unified course, whereas distribution channels residing in different countries might need slightly different training material depending on specific laws and regulations in that country.

You might also need to create different (but in parts overlapping) courses for different employee roles across your partners (e.g. courses for the managers of your distribution channels shall be different than courses aimed at their retail employees).

The final step will be to assign a number of instructors or specialized content creators to create your eLearning content for each training case. TalentLMS makes it easy to reuse all kinds of pre-existing content (from PowerPoints and Word Documents to videos and webpages) in your courses.

Channel, partner and subcontractor training:

  • Helps assess and train your corporate partners, subcontractors and distribution channels
― it lets businesses focus on their core operations and offload secondary tasks to third parties with increased efficiency
  • Helps businesses expand their reach while maintaining consistency
  • Gives your channels, partners and subcontractors the necessary skills and knowledge to serve your company's needs
  • Helps you avoid costly problems due to inexperienced subcontractors or channel operators
  • Allows your distribution and support channels to serve your customers in a consistent way that's inline with your company's policies, and thus increase customer satisfaction and loyalty


A consumer electronics company that maintains a list of official sales partners and makes use of several subcontractors for different parts (cpus, circuit boards, storage, enclosures, etc.) of its products can utilize a single TalentLMS eLearning portal account to create a training program for its sales channels and subcontractors.

With TalentLMS, they will easily create any number of courses from a general overview of its retail philosophy aimed at reseller channel managers, to in-depth courses on customer service, sales techniques, etc for the retail salespeople.

Lessons could consist of newly created material (created in TalentLMS WYSIWYG editors), or include content from existing documents, presentations, images and videos.

The training program can then be deployed and used to train executives and employees across facilities (and even across countries and timezones), with company-based instructors and administrators having centralized control and total insight on the learners' progress.

How TalentLMS can help

  • Enterprises can design, create, deploy and manage their own eLearning courses
  • A single TalentLMS-based eLearning portal can accommodate thousands of users, regardless of their location
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows you to deploy separate but centrally managed training programs for each retail channel, partner and subcontractor
  • Instructors can keep track of the learners' progress through reports, notifications, tests, surveys and even auto-generated infographics
  • The eLearning portal is always available, so self-motivated learners are able to learn at their own pace
  • TalentLMS' native mobile clients let you combine your regular web-based courses with micro-learning
  • TalentLMS Unlimited plans only charges for active learners thus allowing enterprises and eLearning providers to minimize their per-user costs when they have rotating training teams
  • A TalentLMS-based training program costs much less than classroom based training, as it incurs no costs for renting physical space, travel expenses, or equipment costs.

Some features that will improve your training efficiency

  • TalentLMS' powerful and intuitive content creation tools make it extremely easy to create your training material and update it when needed
  • TalentLMS' mobile applications (for iOs and Android) enable your partners, channel employees and subcontractors to learn on the go (including when offline)
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests help you access your partners and subcontractors knowledge and training progress and rank them according to their performance
  • TalentLMS' Reports give you complete insight of the progress of your learners over time
  • TalentLMS' Surveys let you gather valuable feedback from your partners, channels and subcontractors, allowing you to fine-tune your training program or improve other aspects of your collaboration with them
  • When the task you want to train your partners or subcontractors on requires interactive demonstration, TalentLMS' Instructor-Led Training support gives you the tools to seamlessly integrate classroom-based and real-time online-based seminars with your regular online content
  • The same things that make TalentLMS great for your channel and subcontractor training, also make it a perfect fit for your internal corporate training. You can leverage its powerful feature set and overall flexibility and ease-of-use, for pre-employment training, on-boarding, knowledge retention, corporate training, and a whole lot more.

Sales channels, partners and subcontractors training is valuable to almost all industries and TalentLMS can guarantee that quality will not be lost while this demand is being met.

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