What is Induction training?

Induction training, also known as onboarding or orientation training, is a great way to get your new hires to be productive quickly, while also sharing with them your company's vision and values, and making sure that they are aware of the numerous industry and national rules and regulations.


Why it is Important

Having your employees learn on the job is a luxury of the past, one which modern businesses cannot really afford. Induction training lets your employees "hit the ground running" and allows them to be productive from day one, without burdening senior employees with redundant questions and slowing down your workflows.

This is especially important for industries with high employee churn, where new hires need to be able to quickly reduce the workload of your senior employees. This can be because they were hired to respond to seasonal demand (e.g. in the hospitality industry), or because there are many career opportunities in your sector, and employees tend to look around for their next career move after a few years.

Benefits of Induction Training

Getting new employees productive quickly not only brings increased productivity but also reduces costs. It has been reported that the cost of replacing an employee can reach 50% of their annual salary. Induction training helps you reduce that, since you will be not paying your new hires while they slowly try to "learn on the job".

In the information economy, mistakes have the potential to be very costly, as a single misplaced order or some small downtime can cost a web company thousands, or even millions, of dollars. An employee that has passed their induction training will be less prone to making mistakes, being more aware of all the potential hazards and issues that they may meet in their new role.

How can it be applied to your company

Any company, regardless of size, can deploy its own program for training new employees and reap the benefits from increased employee productivity, a better informed workforce, and fewer workflow disruptions. All major Fortune 500 companies, but also tens of thousands of SMEs and organizations have chosen to do so, with online-based on-boarding platforms such as TalentLMS.

New hire training is great for:

  • Getting new employees productive quickly
  • Training seasonal and temp workers
  • Telling new hires about their roles and responsibilities
  • Letting new employees in on the company's vision and culture
  • Informing employees about professional ethics, harassment laws, industry guidelines and such


A typical new hire training plan will start with a message from the CEO or an executive of the company welcoming the new employees. It might have a segment on the culture, vision and history of the company, to give new hires a sense of perspective about their new employer.

Moving on to practical information, the core of the induction training program will focus on the new hire's role and responsibilities. If those are simple enough, it could even include a full training course to ease them into their new tasks else it might just give a high level description of them and leave the rest for a separate training program.

Useful information to have in an induction program includes a segment with information about the hierarchy of the company (complete with an organizational chart of the various departments and their functions), information about career advancement paths and answers to frequently asked questions, common IT issues, bonuses, vacation time, pension plans, etc.

If the company operates in a heavily regulated industry, the induction program can also contain one or more compliance training courses.

How TalentLMS can help

TalentLMS lets you take your induction training online and in the Cloud and combine it with other types of eLearning functionality. This has several major benefits, such as:

  • TalentLMS helps you make your induction program automatic and repeatable, ensuring that all your employees get the exact same information.
  • TalentLMS is always available, meaning that your induction programs won't require valuable time from senior employees to act as teachers and coaches for new hires.
  • With TalentLMS, induction can be combined with online tests, surveys, and quizzes that give you an insight into how well your new hires have absorbed their onboarding material.
  • TalentLMS induction can be deployed to as many employees as you want to train, so it is perfect for seasonal hiring sprees or other hiring spikes.
  • TalentLMS is always available, which lets your hires study at their own time and pace (even offline or on the go), freeing them from rigid class schedules and minimizing business downtime.
  • A TalentLMS-based induction program will be way less costly than a physical onboarding program as it will incur no costs for renting physical space and travel expenses.
  • TalentLMS keeps a digital record, which in case of litigation can be useful in proving that an employee was informed of specific laws and policies (e.g. environmental regulations).

Some features that will help you facilitate Induction Training

  • TalentLMS' powerful and intuitive content creation tools make creating your induction material a piece of cake.
  • TalentLMS' "Default Group" feature enables you to select a number of courses and have them automatically assigned to all new hires.
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests help you to access how well your new hires are absorbing their orientation material.
  • TalentLMS Reports give you full insight of your learner's progress.
  • TalentLMS' Surveys allow you to gather valuable feedback from your new hires regarding your induction program but also other aspects of your company.
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows for autonomous induction programs per facility, department or branch of your company.
  • TalentLMS' SSO, Integrations and REST API help to easily incorporate it within the rest of your onsite and offsite infrastructure.
  • When your hires have completed their induction training, you can use TalentLMS for the entirety of your Corporate and Compliance Training too.

Last, but not least: TalentLMS is Cloud-based, which means that you don't have to worry about installation, maintenance, or backups. Our team takes care of all of those, while you focus on your real business needs.

Web-based Induction Training (AKA Onboarding or Employee Orientation) is the fastest and most cost effective way of welcoming new hires into your company and getting them productive quickly.

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