What is Extended Enterprise training

Extended enterprise training is targeted at a company's extended network of partners and is used to train this network in core values, procedures and guidelines in order to achieve synergy across the board. Almost all industries require extended enterprise training ranging from car dealerships to resellers and support centers.


Why it is Important

The success of a company and its' whole extended enterprise network is based upon their successful cooperation and coordination.

As the parent company is the one that sets the future road map, overall goals, and general direction to its extended network partners, a centralized extended enterprise training program is essential to access the preparedness and expertise of said partners, ensure that everybody is on the same page, and quickly prepare and train them for entry to new markets, product line changes, or a different corporate direction.

This latter point, namely the increased agility, is a key attribute of competitive businesses, especially in today's highly volatile and globalized market.

Benefits of doing it

A centralized training program helps to ensure consistent results across your partner network, reduces communicative overhead, and allows for greater agility in responding to market changes and industry disruptions.

In the case of customer facing extended enterprises, like franchises and retail networks, it also ensures that customers will enjoy the same positive experience and treatment from any partnering business, which is essential for the franchise to maintain a consistent brand and customer loyalty.

An eLearning-based extended enterprise training program in particular will give the parent enterprise fine control over what, when and how their partners are learning, along with the ability of quickly deploying new materials or revising existing ones (e.g. to respond to a revised new edition of an existing product being released to market).

eLearning-based training is the perfect fit for a centrally-managed training solution with minimal operational and administrative overhead, especially when implemented using a Cloud platform like TalentLMS, which doesn't require datacenter infrastructure, installation, backups or maintenance.

Compared to traditional in-person training, eLearning is also considerably more cost effective, as it doesn't require dedicated space or travel expenses (for employees in different facilities to train together) and can be used to train extended enterprise partners across the globe with just a basic per-learner fee.

Additionally, eLearning gives businesses more detailed insight and faster results, with TalentLMS for example offering automated tests, integrated learning progress assessment and comprehensive reports. All these, and many other features, help businesses stay ahead of their training program, access learners' progress, and immediately spot any issues with their training material.

How can it be applied to your company

The exact form that an extended enterprise training program should take depends upon the nature of the extended enterprise network itself (e.g. franchising vs subsidiaries , or retailers vs authorized service centers, etc.).

In all cases, however, all extended enterprise partner units should be catalogued and classified according to their role and nature in the overall network. Parent company management should then define the roles and goals for each class of network partner, and collaborate with eLearning instructors for determining the appropriate training syllabus that caters to each partner's roles and goals.

In nearly all cases, most of the material required for a specific class of partners (e.g. all of a fast foods franchisees) will be more or less the same, perhaps will regional variations depending on a country's laws or the preferences on some local population.

When it comes to creating your training content, TalentLMS makes easy to write, share, and reuse content across different learner groups, and even provides for independent "Branches", that is autonomous eLearning portals, with their own users, instructors, branding and configuration, that are tied to and controlled by a central TalentLMS enterprise account. TalentLMS also excels in its ability to leverage and allow you to re-use all kinds of pre-existing content (such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, videos, plain text files, etc) in your courses.

Extended enterprise training:

  • Helps assess, train and keep your extended enterprise network
 updated― helps businesses increase their agility allowing them to bring products to market faster
  • Allows companies to expand their network while maintaining consistency
  • Gives your network partners the skills and knowledge to serve your needs
  • Ensures that franchises, retailers and other kind of customer facing extended enterprise partners can serve your customers in a consistent way


A fast food chain with numerous restaurants all over the world can use a single TalentLMS eLearning portal account to create a training program for all of its franchisees.

TalentLMS easy to use content creation tools will allow the company to easily create a comprehensive curriculum covering everything related to a franchise's operation, from an on-boarding course for new hires, to cooking instructions, guidelines for food storage, restaurant logistics, and more.

Lessons will include a mix of newly created material (created in TalentLMS easy to use content editors) and content imported from existing documents, presentations, images and videos and automatically converted by TalentLMS.

Several different "Branches" (independent learning portals) might be created, to train franchisees in different countries, each on their own language.

The parent company executives overseeing the training will have real-time insight of the learners' progress across any of the network partners that participate in the training program, with detailed reports, and the ability to gather feedback through custom surveys.

How TalentLMS can help

  • Enterprises can design, create, deploy and manage their own eLearning courses for their extended enterprise network
  • A single TalentLMS-based eLearning portal can accommodate thousands of users, regardless of their location
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows you to deploy separate but centrally managed training portals and syllabuses for each network partner, franchisee, reseller, etc.
  • TalentLMS flexible Users, Groups, Branches etc. features allow businesses to correctly mirror and reflect the organizational structure of their partner network
  • Instructors can keep track of the learners' progress through reports, notifications, tests, surveys and even auto-generated infographics
  • The eLearning portal is always available allowing self-motivated learners are able to learn at their own pace
  • TalentLMS' native mobile clients let users engage in micro-learning
  • TalentLMS Unlimited plans only charges for active learners, thus allowing enterprises and eLearning providers to minimize their per-user costs when they have rotating training teams
  • A TalentLMS-based training program costs much less than classroom based training as it incurs no costs for renting physical space, travel expenses, or equipment

Some features that will improve your training efficiency

  • TalentLMS' intuitive content creation tools make it extremely easy to create, update and re-use your extended enterprise training material
  • TalentLMS' mobile applications for iOs and Android enable your extended enterprise users to learn on the go (including when offline)
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests help you access your extended enterprise network partners knowledge and training progress and rank them according to their performance
  • TalentLMS' Reports give you complete insight of the progress of all of your (extended enterprise) learners over time
  • TalentLMS' Surveys let you gather valuable feedback from your extended enterprise network, enabling you to fine-tune your training program where it falls short
  • TalentLMS' Instructor-Led Training support lets you seamlessly integrate classroom-based and real-time online-based seminars with your regular online content
  • TalentLMS is not just an excellent choice for your extended enterprise training, but for your internal corporate training too. Its powerful feature set and overall flexibility makes it a perfect fit for pre-employment training, on-boarding, knowledge retention, corporate training, and a whole lot more.

TalentLMS is a Cloud-based platform, and as such, allows you to train your extended enterprise in a hassle-free way, without needing to worry about maintenance or updates, which can interfere with progress.

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