What is customer training

Customer training is an established practice where companies have dedicated training programs complete with certifications and assessments in order to teach customers how to use their products and software.


Why it is Important

While low cost vendors might be able to get away with hastily written and badly translated instruction manual, for products and services above a certain value customers have come to expect and demand detailed usage guides, how-tos, troubleshooting instructions and FAQs.

In fact, webinars and video based customer training is also on the rise, as the quality and approachability of customer training material is seen as a differentiating factor in today's highly competitive globalized economy.

Training your customers (and potential customers) enables them to get more value out of their purchase of your products and services, and thus helps increase customer satisfaction, builds customer loyalty and spreads awareness of your product's capabilities. Customers that have engaged in such training are more likely to continue investing in your offerings, and to promote your products or services to their friends.

This is especially important when you enter the market with new, innovative and disruptive offerings that people do not yet know where to place among their familiar products and services, or how to approach. It's your job to not just inform the public that you've built a better mousetrap, but to also teach them where your improvements lie, and how to take advantage of them.

Benefits of doing it

If you operate a customer support center, then an important and immediately apparent benefit of running your own customer training program is the decrease in support calls -- as many of your customers' questions and issues can suddenly be answered by your customer training content.

It is for this reason that most large enterprises maintain extensive online manuals and other web-based customer training content, sometimes, as in the case of Google, even to the detriment of actual in-person support.

But there's another, less obvious reason for considering a customer training program: if done well, it can be a very good source of increased SEO rankings , free publicity, and customer goodwill.

For one, even if most customers won't follow any of your tutorials, they will still appreciate and count their availability as a positive when considering to buy your product. (Customer training material and product information pages are also what a lot of people use to research their purchases).

Second, since (unlike most marketing materials) your customer training tutorials provide real value and knowledge to your user base, they will almost inevitably get mentioned in user bogs, posted and reposted to various websites, and displayed along with other similar product videos, further drawing awareness about your product.

Of course, with products and services changing rapidly, and with potential customers all over the globe, a lot of businesses find that eLearning is the easiest, and more cost-effective method of training their customer base. After all, and unlike traditional in-person training, it doesn't incur costs for things as teaching space or travel expenses, and can be used to train all of your customers, regardless of their language, country of residence, and timezone.

How can it be applied to your company

To begin creating a customer training program you'll need to know both the products and services that you want to train people in and your target audience (e.g. whether your customers are expected to be seasoned professionals or average Joes). The former will dictate the contents of your training material, whereas the second will inform its tone and breadth.

You will also need to define a budget for your customer training program, as this will affect the scope and the production value of your training content (which can range from expensive video tutorials featuring well known media personalities or industry figures -- from a company such as Apple or Microsoft --, to simple text-based guides and FAQs).

Based on your executive's vision for your customer training program, your content writers will then go on to write the new content, commission video, photo and illustration work, and license relevant photography or videos for use in their courses.

They'll also import, re-use, and re-mix already existing material (e.g. product manuals, customer support documents, product photos and schematics, etc.), and adapt and translate the final courses for your international customers.

Customer training:

  • Empowers your customers and lets them take fuller advantage of your products and services
  • Decreases the burden on your customer support team
  • Allows potential customers to learn more about your products

  • Helps you offer a fuller solution and thus rank better in public sector or private enterprise tenders
  • Helps increase the perceived value of your products and services
  • Can be provided for a fee, as run as a profitable endeavor in its own right (depending on the industry)


A professional kitchen appliance company with presence and sales all over the globe can utilize a single TalentLMS eLearning portal account to train its customers on the use of its products.

Using TalentLMS, the company's content creators will be able to create a number of engaging courses, showing the different ways the company's products can be used, and offering text- and video-based recipes and instructions that take advantage of the company's product line.

With TalentLMS easy to use WYSIWYG editor and multimedia importing and embedding capabilities, the company's instructors will be able to create a full assortment of customer training content, from engaging video walkthroughs to troubleshooting guides and support FAQs. They could even include a certification program on the use of their more complex professional-grade appliances.

The training program can then be easily deployed in multiple formats and languages, catering to customers in different regions, while still being centrally administered and monitored.

How TalentLMS can help

  • Businesses can design, create, deploy and manage their own customer training courses
  • A single TalentLMS-based eLearning portal can accommodate tens of thousands of customers, regardless of their location
  • TalentLMS' Branches feature allows you to deploy separate but centrally managed customer training programs for different products, regional markets, or target audiences
  • Your marketing team will have real-time insight on user engagement through TalentLMS' Reports system
  • Unlike regionally organized seminars, your eLearning portal is always available, allowing customers to study at their own pace and with minimal annoyance
  • TalentLMS' native mobile clients let your customers chose between regular web-based courses and micro-learning
  • TalentLMS Unlimited plans only charges for active learners, thus allowing enterprises and eLearning providers to minimize their per-user costs when catering to thousands of intermittent users

Some features that will improve your training efficiency

  • TalentLMS' powerful and intuitive content creation tools make it extremely easy to create your own customer training material and update it when needed (e.g. when a product updates)
  • TalentLMS' mobile applications (for iOs and Android) enable your customers to learn about your products and services on the go
  • TalentLMS' Quizzes and Tests (and built-in Gamification engine) can be a fun way to increase customer engagement, or a serious tool for offering commercial training and certifications to your customers
  • TalentLMS' Reports give you complete insight of the number, engagement and progress of your learners over time
  • TalentLMS' Surveys let you gather valuable feedback from your customers
  • TalentLMS' Instructor-Led Training support lets you organize real-time webinars, and increasingly popular way to educate about and promote a product or service
  • The same things that make TalentLMS great for your customer training, also make it shine as a corporate training platform. From pre-employment training, to on-boarding, knowledge retention, and general enterprise training, TalentLMS award winning power and intuitiveness will have you covered.

Customer training is used in a wide range of companies and as a result. With TalentLMS, you can create effective programs to train your customers quickly.

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