eLearning for the Aviation Industry with TalentLMS

Where would we be without Aviation? In far fewer places, and having gotten there much slower. There would be no mass tourism industry, a much hampered global trade, and one would imagine, no duty free shops.

Why using an LMS in the Aviation Industry is crucial

The Wright brothers led the path to the now $800 billion industry. However, make no mistake; Aviation is a challenging and complicated industry, with lots of specialties and supporting roles that have to blend together.

The Aviation industry is a highly regulated one, with endless rules and laws being continuously updated. From pilots and aircrew to the ground staff, the training needs in the Aviation industry are never ending. All these requirements make eLearning a great fit for the Aviation industry.

It scales from hundreds (to tens of thousands) of learners

It caters to learners based in different airports, branches, countries and time zones

It gives the same standardised material to all learners

It can respond quickly to new training demands

It provides necessary tools to help assess training effectiveness

It's cost effective, thus perfect for an industry operating on tight margins

Key features to meet all of your Aviation training needs

Crucial training requires an LMS

As airlines and airports frequently hire new people, automating employee training and orientation with eLearning software is one of the best investments you can make.

100% custom timetable

eLearning also provides great flexibility to aviation staff in their training, enabling staff the freedom and flexibility to study at their own pace outside of time-consuming physical classes. Flexible training for when you're in JFK one day and in LHR the next, that’s what counts.

Effortless material updates

eLearning enables instructors to create new training material effortlessly and to deploy new training courses as fast as the need arises.. For example, when training aircrews on newly deployed airplanes, or updating airport personnel on new regulations.

Scale and cost

Aviation is inherently a large industry, and one with low profit margins. The two major selling points of eLearning, scale and cost, are also what makes it great for the Aviation industry. With the same LMS installation, you can serve from modest teams to tens of thousands of employees.

TalentLMS gives you wings

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"You don't need to be a computer expert to be able to run the LMS effectively"

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