elearning 101
concepts, trends, applications

e-learning: Concepts, Trends, Applications

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the E-learning 101 ebook topics2. What is e-learning? Is it important in education?3. The history of e-learning4. The benefits and drawbacks of online learning5. Can we learn online by utilizing e-Learning tools?6. Best practices of online training7. Learning vs. Training, what is the difference?8. Corporate E-learning vs. E-learning in the education sector9. What is the future of e-learning?Learning platforms10. What is a LMS?11. What are the types of learning management systems?12. What are content authoring tools and how can we use them?13. Synchronous e-learning vs. asynchronous e-learning tools and technologies14. What is SCORM & Tin Can Api?15. E-learning tools and technologies used in online trainingOnline courses16. The important elements of online learning courses17. The importance of tests & quizzes for students in eLearning18. How to make e-learning effective and tips to increase it's effectiveness19. What are the best tools to help us create an online course?E-learning trends20. What is Blended learning and how can it be used?21. The advantages of social and collaborative e-Learning22. Gamification in online training and learning management systems23. Micro-learning and its advantages for amazing e-Learning!24. How to best utilize video in e-Learning25. Rapid e-Learning development process and resources26. How Personalization in e-Learning works27. Continuous learningApplications of online training28. Giving the best Customer service training by using eLearning29. Benefits of using e-Learning tools in Sales training30. Effective online Customer training31. e-Learning solutions for Safety training 32. Why IT training is a perfect fit for e-Learning33. New product customer training34. Utilizing e-Learning tools in Healthcare training